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Linksys Default

The year is 2012. Consumer wifi has been wide spread for over 10 years. Modern routers and access points come with clear instructions and an installer disc that requires you to set things like a unique network name and a password for the network.

In this day and age, how the hell are we still seeing this:


I wouldn’t be surprised if this were an old school WRT54G ver1 or the BEFW11S4 running in someone’s home. However, this was a fairly recent N model supporting a local real estate company! The router also had no password for the management interface which can lead to all sorts of network havoc (redirecting all DNS requests through a rogue name server, MITM routing – both withouth having to ARP spoof).

Of course, there were devices on the network such as a multi-function copier that had wonderful information about user names, sensitive documents printed (including the website they were printed from, where applicable), email server login info for the MFP, and of course an open print queue to wreak havoc on with something appropriately rendered from quickmeme.


Remember that rogue DNS option for the router? Now we have a great list of sites to target for bad translations to malicious IP addresses based on what we saw in the print job history.

None of these things were actually done but easily could have been with a few mouse clicks and some simple commands.