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Symantec Mail Security Quirks

I have noticed that installing Symantec Mail Security updates can often leave previous set options un-checked (I seem to have to re-enable the “Lower spam threshold” in “Spam Scoring” for almost every update). This particular update ( —> had couple of very strange bugs.

Symantec Mail Security Settings Screenshot

This spiked my curiousity, so I took a peek at the registry. The keys can be found at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Symantec\SMSMSE\6.5\Components\LiveUpdateConfig

Symantec Mail Security in Registry

Another strange thing is that you actually aren’t supposed to be able to select a specific time when using the “Rapid Release” option. Where on earth the 06:31 1 came from is beyond me. :)

…easily fixed though, just re-select the desired settings – as with all of the other upgrade bugs you may experience in Symantec Mail Security.